Friday, February 11, 2011

hey ya'll

Hi, my name is spoon.

Not really.

In fact, no one in the entire world calls me that.

But it is now my blogging alias, so we're all going to have to get used it. I'm spoon. My roommate is ginger.

Which is ironic, because she actually has red hair. I, on the other hand, use entirely too many spoons throughout the course of a day. Then, I proceed to complain about how there are never any spoons in the silverware drawer. I'm sure it's incredibly annoying.

Hence the alias.


I'm getting used to it.

Anyway, a little introduction. We are a strange pair. We met about 4 years ago in college, while suffering shared misery in a wonderful class known as organic chemistry (insert groaning here). We were the kind of friends who were only friends while in class. I think we only hung out once outside of class, and that was to eat popcorn and watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Fast forward to 2010, where we both found ourselves in the situation of needing a roommate in order to avoid paying ridiculous amounts of rent. So we moved in together. We live in a tiny little apartment building in a big apartment in the middle of rural St. Paul.

Rural St. Paul?

Yes. We happen to be surrounded by the U of M research fields.

Corn=rural. This rule is always true and cannot be argued.

Ginger knows a lot about food. She is in the process of getting her masters in nutrition, so I defer to her when I have any questions regarding why my bottle of olive oil is cloudy or how to remove the liver from a mouse.

I am in the last week or so of pulling out all of my hair while waiting to hear back about whether or not I got into vet school at the U of M. It's maddening. In my spare time, I work at a small animal hospital in Minneapolis, chase my cat around the apartment, and watch youtube videos. All around, a pretty exciting existence.

I should probably also introduce the queen of the apartment.

Alias: Pi
(Reference ginger's first post for a pic)

I asked Pi what I should write about her in this intro post. She just wants you all to know that I don't feed her enough. She may not have said it that politely, but I edited it so as not to offend our readers...if we have any.

Since yesterday, I have thought up about a million things that I would like to write about on this blog, including, but not limited to: teeth, what I had for dinner two nights ago, the people that live above us, snow, the endless amusements I find on the internet, my squash muffins, awesome music, and buying plants at IKEA. If any of those topics sound amusing to you, I guess you will have to continue reading this blog. Lucky you.



  1. I love squash, and love to hide it in things as it is so delicious! Your pudding is awesome!

  2. All forms of squash are delicious, it's true--they represent one of the great things about winter, I think. Have you tried the pudding? If/when you do, you should try it with coconut milk--that's my next idea for the recipe :)